Josie Turner – Horror Author

Welcome to the dark and dangerous world of author Josie Turner

Enter at your own risk – you have been warned!



The number one question I hear is my field is: Can woman really write horror?

Let me tell you something. The horror of the feminine psyche is far darker and more powerful than the masculine.

A woman’s horror is both personal and archetypal. She is the Goddess Kali, the giver and taker of life itself. She is the eater of babies, crushing skulls beneath her feet. She is a tsunami, a tornado, a force of nature that the ego is powerless against. There is nothing to do but surrender to that force. It is terrifying–and exhilarating.

When you have come face to face with horror in the form of the feminine, you have stood before an infinite abyss, and if you survive, you will be reborn as something else altogether.

So yes–women can write horror. We can write the hell out of it.